How to make money with TikTok live and a thermal printer ?

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First, set up the script you have purchased. Thanks to our installation help video, you will be able to easily install the tiktok printing software.
You will need to connect your Windows computer to the thermal printer. Note that the thermal printer must have ESC/POS functionality.

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Attract visitors on your live with your thermal printer

This original feature of printing likes, comments, subscriptions and profile pictures will appeal to people who come across your Tiktok live by scrolling.
To do this, you need to set up a decor around your thermal printer such as LED lights, plants or other accessories.

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Print receipts of people's names for gifts

Beyond subscribing to your TikTok account, some people will offer you gifts. It can be roses, cakes, disco ball, etc. They will want to show that they are present on the live.

Either to see their profile picture printed or to show who gives the most.

A kind of competition will be set up between the donors of the live stream, and this for your benefit. 

Here are some examples of TikTok gifts you can receive :

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Exchange your tiktok gifts for real money

After receiving your gifts thanks to our TikTok live printing software and your thermal printer, you can exchange your gifts for real money.

Convert your gifts into diamonds

Each gift has a different coin value. Your winnings will be automatically converted to diamonds.
200 coins = 100 diamonds = $50
Imagine how much you can earn with TikTok.

Exchange your diamonds for money

So you have understood that a diamond on tiktok is worth 5 cents. You can make a transaction on your tiktok account, directly on the app. 

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Notice that TikTok will collect 50% of the transfer.


How much can you earn?

You can earn hundreds of dollars a week. It depends on your number of subscribers and the time you stream.
However, the more streams you do, the more subscribers you will have, and the more money you will earn from your printer.


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